Essentials Series

The Essentials Series combines the essential elements that make a durable and comfortable chair.It is a cut above our basic stacker chair, with added features that take it to the next level. Its contemporary style adds flare to your facility. With the best materials going into the creation of the chair, it’s as comfortable as it is stylish — offering even more value for your money. You can also get the more traditional look without giving up the comfort and durability that the Essentials Series chair provides. The Essentials chairs are practical. It sits great with its lumbar support and commercial-grade cushioning. Our Essentials Series chair is built with the best materials. Its strength and durability match its stylish look and comfortable feel.The Model 110 Liberty Pew Stackers are top quality, built right here in the USA in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee by the nation’s leading church chair manufacturer, Bertolini Inc. It’s a winning value proposition, both for church leaders called to be stewards, for those they serve, and for the economy of the land where we live. You can rest easy that the Liberty Pew Stacker in the right USA-Built choice for your church chairs.